How to negotiate a commercial lease successfully


Renting a commercial space is an important milestone in your business. However, not many are aware that leases are open to negotiations that can be in the tenant’s favor. Since the rent and operating expenses affect the bottom line, tenants need to be cautious before committing to a lease agreement. Here are some tips to help negotiate a commercial lease.

Why choosing the right service provider for your FASB implementation matters


When it comes to FASB ASC 842 implementation, public and private companies do not have a choice. While private companies have time until January 2020 to deal with the challenges of implementing the new accounting standards, some public companies are finding the new implementation issues a pain. And don’t forget, any flaw in the transition will create non-compliance financial penalties.(more…)

RE BackOffice to exhibit strategic back office functions including lease abstraction, lease administration, and marketing services at RECon 2019

back office functions including lease abstraction

RE BackOffice will be at booth #N934 at the RECon 2019 show to be held in Las Vegas, May 19-22

Pittsburgh – May 16, 2019 – RE BackOffice, leading real estate service provider, is exhibiting at ICSC RECon 2019 in Las Vegas, May 19-22 at the Convention Center. The RECon 2019 event is a four-day global gathering of retail real estate professionals bringing together developers, owners, brokers, retailers and service providers under one roof.


The what, when and how of CRE lease audit

The what, when and how of CRE lease audit

Calculating the financial aspects of leases is a complex task, especially when the building’s operational costs are passed on to the tenant. The scope of overcharging the tenant by the landlord is high leading to monetary losses that might go undetected for several years. A lease audit is a vital tool for identifying overcharges and to prevent them in future. Lease audit analyzes and reports discrepancies in the charges that can help save a tenant thousands of dollars.


Choosing A Lease Administration Software That’s Right For You

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Abstracting and managing leases can be hard. What makes it even more complex are the new accounting standards that went into effect. Companies are scrambling to adopt a lease administration software solution in order to simplify adherence to these new standards and avoid penalties. However, choosing a lease administration software solution that meets a company’s need can be tricky. Let’s look at some tips that will come in handy in selecting the best lease administration software.(more…)